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                             Los Angeles River Ranger District               
                             12371 N. Little Tujunga Canyon Road
                             San Fernando, CA 91342
                             Mike McIntyre, District Ranger
                             (818) 899-1900
                             FAX (818) 896-6727
                             CRS 1 800 735 2929
                             M-F 8:00 am - 4:30 pm

                             Mount Lukens Electronic Site 7/30/2008

                                         A meeting was held today at the Mount Lukens Electronic Site with the USFS and the Fish and Wildlife Service.

                                         The meeting specifically addressed the California Condor and anti Raptor perching.

                                         At this time minor anti Raptor perching mediation is needed to deter the birds from making Mount Lukens a landing site.

                                         At the top of towers there should be spike strips and / or horizontal wires making the tops of the towers and associated

                                         antenna mounts undesirable landing / perching areas.  Microwave dishes at those levels should also have spike strips

                                         covering the top 1/4 to 1/3 of the dish.  All dishes need to have covers and all covers need to be in good repair.

                                         The spike strips can be in 1 foot sections with 12 to 18 inches between the ends to allow service to be safely performed

                                         at that level.  Horizontal wire if used along a cross arm should be plastic coated if suspended with eyelets to prevent

                                         intermodulation problems.

                                         Another area of concern is hardware dropped from the tower or even on the tower.  The Condors internal systems will not tolerate

                               lead.  Any type of lead items need to be removed from the outdoor areas around the sites.  They also will pick at items

                               sticking out of the tower.  Copper twist ties holding cables can be pecked at and possibly taken as food for their young.

                               They will even pick up hardware on the ground and eat it or take it back to the nest.  The bottom line is keep the facility

                               clean inside and out.  Remember that you can track small items outside when you walk out.

                               Site and mountain top access.  There is a new white gate just behind the fire station on Angeles Crest Hwy.  There are slots

                               for 9  facility owners locks and 2 USFS locks.  Each owner should only have one lock on the gate.  Please keep this

                               gate locked at all times unless the USFS locks it open.  Instruct your users to not disturb the fire personnel for access

                               through the gate.  There should be a USFS lock at your facility.   This lock will make it easier for USFS personnel 

                               to access the facility compound for inspections or Condor mediation.

                               Site safety and fire prevention.  Make sure your fire extinguishers are current and a proper size.  The bigger the better

                               because you only have once chance to make it work.   You also need proper training on how to use one.

                               A sharp shovel and pick would not hurt to be on hand.

                               Post emergency numbers, Thomas Guide grids and Latitude / Longitude location information.

                               Be careful on the road.  We share it with hikers and bike riders.  No more vehicle fires or head on accidents please.

                               Remember we also share the forest with critters.  There are snakes hiding in the shaded areas during the summer and bears

                               will come after your lunch.  There might even be a deer blinded by your headlights after dark.  Make sure someone knows

                               you are going up the hill and have a check in person when you get down.  Plan your trip, water, food, clothing, road conditions

                               and weather.

                               Brush clearance is critical along with fire prevention.  Clear the brush around your sites well past the required distances.

                               Give the guys with the hoses something to defend.  Plan on going back for more on going weeding after the main clearing.

                               It will grow back within 30 days if there is enough ground water.  Just like trash, weeding is ongoing.

                               Sub tenants / renters and contractors.  Make sure they know and follow the rules.  It all comes down to you.  You will

                               be responsible if they cause a fire or an accident.  You will be responsible if they let someone unauthorized  past the gate.