AirSites2000, LLC

Serving the Wireless Telecommunications Industry with communications facilities and towers


 Site elevation:   8475.28AMSL

 County of operation:   Los Angeles County

 Location:   N34 21 5.07 / W117 40 27.20 NAD83

 Support structure:   50' Tower

 00m Tower

 00m HAAT

 Land owner:   USFS

 Physical address:  73 Angels Creek - Blue Ridge 

                                  Repeater Site (Building #1)             

                                  Wrightwood, CA. 93563

 Site Phone: 760 316-3001 (Fireline Ext. 2001)

 Emergency Power:  48kw propane generator / 1000 gallons of fuel

 Security:  24 hour building alarm  

USFS FS-2700-10 form required.  Click here for the electronic form


535 watts ERP to a mobile receiver on a 1/4 wave antenna 6 feet above the ground

yellow is >10uv for 12db SINAD

brown is >1uv for 12db SINAD

green is >.25uv for 12db SINAD

white is a<.25uv for 12db SINAD